3 videos. 5M views.

$85,000 earned.

Here's how we did it.

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Our brains love video.

That's why most major social channels are promoting video so heavily.

They can be difficult and expensive to produce though, right?

Below are some examples of videos which have performed well on social channels - and crucially, where we spent $0 on filming and the production of our own video.

These kids are up to no good.

”With this video, viewers can really see the whole story unfold, which keeps people engaged for longer. What the kids say is unusual and they’re acknowledging that they’re doing something naughty and also admitting it on camera. There's a moment of suspense, then shock - and the inevitable hiding from Mom. A future presenter for sure!”

Newsflare Studio Team

The results

Views: 2.87m

Revenue: $47,119

Time: 1:41 mins

Story percentage: 22.0%

Unique snaps / user: 26.31

Subscribers added: 62.1k

That was definitely unexpected.

"Initially we use trial and error. We learn about what our audience like over time. We collect and review the data from each platform to understand which videos generate spikes in views, engagement and revenues and subsequently what doesn't work for our audience. Then we create and test more videos around certain themes."

Newsflare Studio Team

The results

Views: 2.18m

Revenue: $26,919

Time: 1:36 mins

Story percentage: 25.4%

Unique snaps / user: 12.39

Subscribers added: 21.3k

Wild footage caught from cargo ships

"On our Snapchat Channel ‘Whoa! That Was Wild!’, we create videos that contain ‘dramatic moments’. We have a male skewed demographic on Snapchat, so content including planes, cars, boats all perform really well. At Newsflare, each of our editors make their own script which is reviewed and then published to the platform to be tested."

Newsflare Studio Team

The results

Views: 677k

Revenue: $10,835

Time: 1:44 mins

Story percentage: 40.4%

Unique snaps / user: 14.62

Subscribers added: 5.5k

How'd we do it?

Shooting your own content is expensive and risky. When growing your audience, we want to negate as much of that as possible.

So we use User-Generated Video (UGV) like this:

What is UGV?

Videos shot by real people who were at the right place, at the right time to capture a one in a million clip.

UGV gives you the choice of the internet's most engaging videos - the ones which already have proven performance stats. The ones people want to watch.

Taking a handful of these, you can create a clip reel of the best videos in a category. The sort of video which gets you likes, comments, shares, subscribers - which brings you more reach and more clicks.

Ok, so where do I start?

Well, you can start checking your favourite social channels for the types of clip you like, contact the owner, negotiate a price and license it from them. Then repeat until you have enough clips...

Or you can use a platform like Newsflare, which is the world's largest online library of UGV clips. We handle everything for you. So you're looking at verified clips, filterable, searchable and ready to use in minutes.

There's also a handy description for each, which you can use to create captions and overlays for your video.

Side note: The page above is pretty addictive. People who land on this page on our site spend 12x the amount of time on newsflare.com. You have been warned!


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